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Make Room For a Sunroom, Because Vitamin D Is The Key: 50 Plus Ways How-To

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For all those thinking about the term- Sunroom, also called Glass Room, Garden Room, Conservatory, Winter Garden etc by many is an extra extended area attached to an existing house/room. The purpose to have a sunroom is one- enjoying the view through big glass windows and two(the most important one these days)- soaking Vitamin-D from the sun. According to a research conducted recently, it is reported that 99% of the people these days are Vit-D deficient, that too from almost all countries in the world and holla- here’s a powerful yet beautiful looking and comfort giving solution to it- SUNROOMS. 

A sunroom could easily be turned into a party room, a leisure lounge or a landscape itself. Here’s a collection of my favourite sunrooms that I browsed over the internet. I hope you fall in love with these too.


With modern elements such as straight line furniture, tall toughened glass windows, a mix of dark and soft colours and minimal style of decor, the modern day sunrooms are a present to the eyes. Things like long lamps, low height planters and plain hues make these sunrooms a great way to relax at the end of the day. A cup of coffee right next to these straight-line fireplaces would be a great thing to do.


Elements such as wrought iron chandeliers, all white decor with some pastel hues and classic french doors with windows make these ones eye candy design pieces. Add some wooden pieces of decor like benches, coffee tables along with some softer hues of table cloth, cushions and rugs to make them more vintage-y looking. And Oh! placing planters here is very important to make these more pleasing. Have a look at the following inspirations I gathered from the internet:


There’s no confusion here in the name here guys. A Conservatory is a sunroom only, having much more light absorption than the normal ones. There are glass ceilings that ensure more sun penetration and make you use your sunrooms all four seasons: 365 days (WOW). It makes your spaces more airy, more fresh and much more spacious in look. Greenery is the main attraction and citrus fruits are grown really well here. Have a look at the following inspirations I gathered from the internet:


A sunroom can look way more charming with elements like a bath tub, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a plunge pool or even a small water body that makes it a pretty landscape itself. You can enjoy all of these all year round, setting high pool temperatures in winters and of course in summers you can always have your pool cocktail parties. If you only want to recline next to the water body, reading a book to yourself, such a sunroom is what you need. Have a look at the following inspirations I gathered from the internet:

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DISCLAIMER: All credits of the pictures above go to the designer/creator/decorator and the photographer of the same.