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This Is How Blue & Green Will Be Used To Beautify Hotel Buenos Aires, Argentina By World Renowned Design Houses

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Dear 2017, get over soon, because the Argentine capital will have in 2018 a new hotel, near the city centre, with all the comfort that any client deserves for some perfect vacations. Many details are still unknown but Essential Home and DelightFULL are the two brands chosen to decorate this new project in Buenos Aires. Green has very much become the trend for the season and the same is expected to keep up the beauty of this hotel, inspired by nature. Accents in mustards and blues add to the colour palette making the whole concept give a whimsically out of the box feel.
These two brands are characterised by a mid-century modern style that comes perfectly together in this project, creating a sumptuous interior design full of eye-catching appointments. The luxurious ambience is reached by a careful and well thought out combination of all the design elements, from the colours to the materials chosen. For this project, the colour scheme chosen is based on the natural colours like the green, blue and mustard, as we can find in the surroundings. The idea was to create a balance between the outside and the inside of the hotel, giving to the client all the conditions to relax. The appointments in gold give the sense of luxury that the hotel has. With light fixtures by DelightFULL, a brand that is well known for producing luxurious and unique lamps and lavish sumptuous furniture by Essential Home, this hotel project combines perfectly the nature and lifestyle of Argentina. Free stand washbasins by Maison Valentina have been chosen to be the accents in the bathroom. The brand is known to be defining luxury in bathrooms like no other. You can decode the luxurious bathroom design house, from one of my previous and most hit posts here.
Looking at flights for Argentina already? I did the same, haha. Here’s looking forward to visiting the beautiful property soon with my husband.

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Images via: Essential Home.

DISCLAIMER: All credits of the pictures above go to the designer/creator/decorator and the photographer of the same.