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Flip The Fear, Fly Out Of The Box: How I Mixed Traditional & Modern Home Decor Elements From These 3 World Renowned Design Houses

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Somewhere deep within, all of us don’t really want to cross the line when it comes to styling our homes, but little do we know that violating the ‘cliché’ can actually be so mesmerising. Mixing trends and prints can actually be so much fun and there’s so much character to witness at the end of it. Let’s see how I mixed these renowned designs and trends by some of the most spectacular players of the design industry.

All together, here two styles of interior styling- Traditional & Modern, merge with each other so well, that they do create another Style Saga in their own.

1- Wallpaper by Krsna Mehta, India: Known as “Dawns Of Rasleea” Wallpaper, this wallpaper symbolises India’s rich cultural heritage and the colours truly are symbolic of India’s large spectrum of colour offerings. Canvas walls never looked so pretty, to me they for sure make for an accent piece of art. The inspiration must surely have been a peacock here as we do see Lord Krishna from the Indian mythology here. Jaw- Dropping job done, Krsna.

2- Suspension Light by Brabbu: Brabbu on my website would need no introduction and here, to go with the very Indian wallpaper, I’ve chosen modern ‘Saki Suspension Light.’ Inspired by Japanese islands, this light is a modern piece of lighting that would stand out in this out of the box room of ours. The metal right there would mix well with the pool of colours on the wall and still shine out bright.

3- Accent Mirror by Brabbu: Again stealing a masterpiece from Brabbu, I chose this mirror to be there, depicting modern designs elements that are played correctly with a mix of different materials such as veneer, gold leafing, lacquer etc. Now, this one is an inspiration from human eye, controlling our perception of light, shapes, and colours. Wow Brabbu, only more surprised every time I see something from you.

4- Dining Chair by Brabbu: Yet another steal, but couldn’t help my excitement after seeing this rich emerald finely upholstered chair in velvet. Called ‘Bourbon Dining Chair’ is inspired by the royalty, class and luxury of the Bourbon dynasty, represented by Louis XIV. The shape of its legs go extremely well with the modern table discussed ahead, striking a proper balance between modern and traditional.

5- Cabinet by Boca Do Lobo: Called ‘Pixel Cabinet’, this one is a limited edition piece from the brand’s phenomenal collection. The designers really push boundaries and never fail at putting a show that is never seen before. The colours on the cabinet blend with the wallpaper and its legs merge immensely with the dining table and the suspension light.

6- Dining Table by Boca Do Lobo: Called ‘Foturna Table’, this table is a statement piece in itself and the brass structure carved in a modern shape has engraved texture details on the top. Isn’t this something seen in a dreamy-fantasy world, coming to us fly and we can’t hold emotions? It definitely seems like it to me.

Can I already be in the room, please?

I hope you really got inspired by the images above, do post your feedback in the comment section below and if there’s any other topic or theme you would want to me to talk about, do write about that too.

DISCLAIMER: All credits of the pictures above go to the designer/creator/decorator and the photographer of the same.