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Transform Your Child’s Interior Space Into A Magical Kingdom: With Circu Magical Furniture

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I’ve written so much about so many things related to decor but then one day I realised to myself that I’m certainly missing on catering to those, who I really love and the ones who are life & sunshine to their respective parents. YES! We’re talking about KIDS. Their little hands and feet deserve way more than ordinary and when luxury comes into play like this, their interior spaces become nothing but magical kingdom, literally.

Presenting to you all CIRCU MAGICAL KINGDOM: where dreams are reality and reality is luxury. With their designs and techniques being exceptional, the luxury furniture brand masters kids’ furniture in the luxury segment and is truly a fantasy world that has come out of a story book. Below I’ve shared all my favourite furniture pieces by the brand. Have a look. Also, you might want to wear a seat belt because what you’re about to see might just hit you hard on inspirations and existence.


FANTASY AIR BALLOON BED: This bed is inspired by the Disney movie “Up!”. Parents can imagine and relive the life of the famous Phileas Fogg, from the movie “Around the World in 80 days”. The bed finished with glossy lacquered and gold leafing can be used both for girls and boys and when they grow up, the piece can be transomed into a sofa that is fit to be used of all age groups. Have a look:

LITTLE MERMAID BED: Any girl’s wish to live life like a mermaid is made possible by this bed. Made of fibreglass, this bed will make your princess feel like the under water princess everyday at home. The design of this shell-shaped bed is inspired by the Disney movie “Little Mermaid.” Have a look:

BUN VAN BED/ROOM: The Bun Van is bed more like a home in a room. Inside it contains several storage compartments, a bed, a TV, a desk, a mini bar and a sofa. Kids are surely going to enjoy their packet of freedom inside this, along with living life like a dream. Finished in Chrome plated finishes, Glossy varnish, this serves as a complete entertainment package and you would feel like a kid in here too. Well, I certainly would. 

SKY B PLANE BED: Sky B Plane is a bed inspired by Disney movie “Planes”, in which Leadbottom is a puttering old biplane and a grumbling taskmaster. The bed would transform the whole ambience into a dreamy astronaut’s heaven. Made with materials like Fiberglass, rubber, stainless steel, wood etc the bed would be any child’s favourite possession along with being their favourite go to place. There are storage options too at the side and mothers can have a sigh of relief. Bingo! Have a look:

TEEPEE BED/ROOM: Teepee, also spelt tipi, is reminiscent of traditional Indian teepees. Circu’s Teepee is a bedroom inspired by the free-spirited and highly spiritual young woman, named Pocahontas. She loves adventure and nature. Materials such as Aluminum, acrylic, brass, oak veneer, synthetic leather with peach skin texture etc are used to construct this beautiful home of fantasises and joy. Also, it is equipped with wheels below the toy box to move around to the user’s comfort. Inside, you can see a bed with a storage area bellow it and a secret compartment giving access to a toy box.


CLOUD LAMP: Let me tell you the best part first? These lamps are equipped to change colours and function according to your mood. All you need to do is connect your phone. Made with PVC, cotton the lamp gives a complete feel of a cloud with the exact texture and colour. Now, let your kids sleep in peace and serene environment. Have a look:


MAGICAL MIRROR BLUE & PINK: Any girl, not matter what age is gaga over Cinderella’s mirror and then, when the moment is very much her own with added technology, that Cinderella never got, don’t you think it’s the best life ever? So here’s the Magical Mirror, with an inbuilt 22 inch LED screen. This certainly is no normal mirror guys. Comes in two colours: Pink & Blue. CHAMELEON MIRROR: The mirror is called such, since it gives two shades of colour and thus, called CHAMELEON MIRROR. Mirror is made entirely by hand, using traditional techniques of carving, with a silver leaf finishing. 


FANTASY AIR BOOK CASE: Parents can now easily sort their kid’s room out with FANTASY AIR BOOK CASE. Parents can imagine and relive the life of the famous Phileas Fogg, from the movie “Around the World in 80 days.” This one is made of Wood, Metal, Synthetic Leather and finished in Lacquered in glossy white, Metal parts in gold plated finishing, Strips in gold synthetic leather, along with Interior in lacquered white.FANTASY AIR 3 & FANTASY AIR 6 DRAWERS: Organising never looked so pretty. Chest of drawers: Fantasy Air Drawers is the perfect piece to complement your kids to dream. Inspired in the world of adventure, this piece is a reference to the Disney movie “Up!”. Parents can imagine and relive the life of the famous Phileas Fogg, from the movie “Around the World in 80 days”. 

TOY BOX: Now, what is  kid’s room without toys? Sounds meaningless right? So here are three types of Toy Boxes, in Gold, Silver & Bronze colours to organise all toys and they truly depict royalty. Also, it serves as an account piece of storage in the kid’s room with its shining metallic finish. With a secret compartment and a rotating cover, this is the ideal box for your kids!


MOON RUG: Another favourite thing of mine by Circu, to transport your kid into an aeronautical world is this Moon Rug. This printed rug has a tufted cut pile and is made of polyamide. It gets along so so well with this Rocky Rocket Arm Chair and complete the look for a future Astronaut.  One thing I regret right now is being 25 years old and not 5, literally. There’s so much to do and CIRCU MAGICAL FURNITURE has offered more than one can even imagine. I now know how and where I’m going to pamper my future kids. Tada. SO jumpy. These were the articles I really liked and adored. You should definitely visit their website more details and queries.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post. For any queries you can always write to me by clicking the CONTACT button on the menu up there. I’ll be happy to answer you.

DISCLAIMER: All credits of the pictures above go to the designer/creator/decorator and the photographer of the same.