5 Out-Of-The-Box Rakshabandhan Gifts For Your Sister This Year

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Linen Sprays By Jo Malone

Jo Malone I bet has to be one of your sister’s favourite fragrances. But apart from gifting her just perfumes and colognes, why not gift her Linen Sprays by the brand? Digging into a scented bed would not only make anyone’s sleeping experience better, but also, help one rejuvenate after a long day. Not just on beds, the spray could also be used on towels, bath robes etc, making them the perfect fragrance accessories.
You can also add scented candles and diffusers to your hamper. The whole idea of gifting scents would only be adored by your sister and why not? I mean the beauty of any interior space only doubles when it smells great. And Jo Malone on the other hand, is just extra ordinary when it comes to fragrances.

With the store’s latest and the first launch in India(Mumbai) this week, this HAS to be your sister’s favourite Rakshabandhan Gift ever. You really can count on me on this one. 

Horn Jewellery Box By Elvy Lifestyle

Jewellery boxes are no new gifts, but something as extra ordinary as a ‘Horn Jewellery Box’, made of bull horns might just be ‘The Gift Of The Year’ for your sister. The lustrous body of the same screams opulence and clearly, there’s nothing as classy as exclusivity. These horn jewellery boxes by Elvy Lifestyle, come in two shapes: Rectangular & Octagonal. Because there’s nothing like the love for and from your darling sister, you can even add this beautiful vintage hand mirror to the gift hamper along with the horn jewellery box. If vintage is not her thing, you can even consider the standing mirror from Elvy’s collection. Have a look at both the articles below:

Cupcake Soaps By AA Living

Cutest and prettiest by all means, Cupcake Soaps by AA Living, Mumbai are to die for. As much as I myself can’t wait to have my hands on them, I’m sure your sister is going to love you way more for being such a thoughtful brother. (You could thank me later)

Because it’s your sister we’re talking about, more is always less. Plus, if we’ve got great offerings such as monogrammed bath linen why shouldn’t this be added to the gift hamper too? Customised hand towels, bath towels etc would add a touch of sophisticated luxury to your sister’s gift and trust me, she’d love you and thank you everyday for a gift that not only looks beautiful but is also so useful on a daily basis. Because, well, no one really likes piling gifts at a corner in the house.

Table Lamps By Krsna Mehta

India Circus is not a new name in the home decor industry and its product range is increasing day by day, with every new product being as good looking as the previous one. Another very interesting pick for your sister would be table lamps by Krsna Mehta. A soothing ambience with bright colours, dim lights and some nice prints would be a lovely set up for her to read books.
Also, complete the story of positive ambience with adding photo frames in quirky prints. Photo frames right next to lamps on the side tables have been everyone’s most favourite accessory since day one and charm of the same still prevails in every house.  Wall Decor By Swiss Boss

When I first came across their website, I tuned in hoping to order some pretty party clothes, but turned out that they had a decor section and of course, I jumped right away and found these amazing babies for wall decor. Such quirky wall frames carrying notes and pictures from what’s ‘in’ and ‘happening’ today, I thought these were way too amazing .

Gift your sister these understated wall frames, who she could relate to everyday and just admire the beauty and simplicity of this unique yet extraordinary gift. 

I hope my brother goes through this article too, or else I’ll make sure he does, haha.

Also, when you gift any of these to your darling sister, do write to me on my email or DM me on my Instagram handle or just comment here in the comment section. I would love to know how this article helped you make your sister happy.

– xS

DISCLAIMER: All credits of the pictures above go to the designer/creator/decorator and the photographer of the same.